Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun at Sliding Rock

I’ll be heading off to Ta’u then to Ofu Island tomorrow at noon. After turning in my rental car in the morning I’ll walk over to the airport and pay for the flight. Inter-island travel is a little odd. Since the airport never really knows when the planes will be running correctly they just have you reserve a flight, then they call the day before to tell you it’s all good to show up and roll out. I ve taken a boat, the M/V Sili, over to Ofu but I really wanted to see the Islands from the air during the daytime.

Today I went to Sliding Rock, it’s a favorite spot of mine to pass the time, watch some waves and go for a swim in the rock pools. There are also a few cool archaeological things to check out while swimming around. Today’s blog will be short, nothing much to report. I’ll make sure to take plenty of pictures from Ofu and Ta’u.

Here's the spot I like

Six post holes pecked into the basalt flow

The water in the swimming hole is overflow from the blowhole

The hole

Resting on the horizon


  1. The Post times are not local island time, prob blogger server time

  2. That looks like an amazing place! I love the photos...especially the last one!